Photo A: Tracee near Egmont channel with the Skyway bridge in the background.

Photo B: The Waverunners anchored at Egmont Key.


The Waverunners have been a blast.  We looked at quite a few personal water craft brands and models before going with a pair of Yamaha VX Deluxe.  These are comfortable, stable, have a great range (100+ miles on a tank) and are faster than we need (50+ mph).  On a calm day we had them up to 55mph just to see what they could do.  I find that it gets on a plane at about 17mph and our usual cruising speed is between 22 and 26mph.


We really like the ability to have neutral and reverse.  The No Wake button is often used but we don't use the cruise control option very much.


Anchoring without pulling them on the beach turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  Regular anchors bounced around too much on the storage area while riding and sand filled bag anchors didn't hold.  We ended up using Sand Shark's screw in anchors and they work great (make sure to get ALL of the sand out of them before collapsing the poles).